January 2021 Message from the Mayor

What a year!

 I was waiting for the current hyped political season to die down before I write this down. Not sure it will. So, I am going to join the information overload.

 First, I hope that everyone is taking the precautions as they need to stay out of the way of Covid-19. I have heard many very sad stories lately and many positive uplifting stories as well. Please take time when you can to thank our healthcare workers for their dedication during these trying times.

 Whatever your story is, please try to stay safe and healthy.

 Second, at the end of 2021, I will be stepping down as your mayor. I have been honored to be your mayor over the past 3 terms (12 years). We have grown a lot as a town and we have come together as a community through reinvigorating our downtown with investment, championing the new hospital and fighting this new virus.

 We have established the foundation of our LifePath vision to connect all of Braselton for walkers, bicycles and golf carts. We have supported our new hospital and the doctors, nurses, and other medical workers that make up the team that have joined our community. We have seen the transition of the Don Panoz legacy with the successful transfer of the Chateau Elan Resort and Road Atlanta to new owners. I can hear Don say “just don’t mess it up”.

 Yet, we still have a lot of work to do!

 I am going to help but not be your Mayoral leader into the next phase. I have made this decision for several reasons, 3 terms is enough, new leadership has proven good for most communities bringing new ideas and leadership that will positively shape this town that I love…..and

 Lastly, during my terms as your mayor, Garol and I also started a business, 101 Mobility of GA and East Tennessee (8 years ago) and we have been fortunate to see it grow to 20 employees and a complex multi-state business that helps people as they age or simply have challenges getting around their homes or work. We provide the equipment to help them do so. Our company Vision is that “We help People” stay at home or get to their work. That will continue. 

 I can’t do both. Therefore, I will complete my current term and pass the torch this time next year. I wanted there to be sufficient time to consider who our town’s next leader will be. So, everyone now has 10+months to consider to whom I should pass the baton.

Mayor Bill Orr


Thank you for allowing me to be your mayor for 12 years. It is a true honor !!