Town Offices Reopening to the Public

The Town of Braselton offices will reopen to the public on May 18, 2020, with changes designed to protect the safety of employees and customers.

 “Each city must determine what is the safest, most effective way to serve the public while the COVID-19 threat continues. The Town of Braselton is making changes to ensure that our customers feel comfortable and safe in our facilities, while also keeping our employees healthy,” Mayor Bill Orr said.

 The following changes will remain in place until further notice:

 Visiting town offices:

  • The town is installing plexiglass “cough shields” at all public windows in town facilities that did not already have them.
  • Guests will be restricted to lobby areas or designated meeting rooms in each town facility. Lobby areas will be marked off with signage that clearly represents social distancing recommendations. We continue to encourage customers to use the drive through if possible.
  • Meetings are by appointment only. Customers will be required to wear masks to meet with town employees. No employee is required to meet with someone if that person is presenting symptoms of a virus or flu or becomes argumentative about wearing a mask. Employees must wear a mask when in the public lobby and meeting areas.
  • In the Braselton Library, no more than 10 persons are allowed in the building at one time and there shall be no congregating or assemblage. Material returns will stay in the lobby for staff to isolate until safe to return to circulation. No meeting rooms are available.

 Public meetings and court:

  • Planning Commission will meet in person starting in May. Mayor and Council will meet in person starting in June. While public comment is welcome at the meeting, the town will also accept comments via email ( to help minimize the crowd in the room. Please do not submit comments through both email and in person.
  • On Braselton Court days, all the rules promulgated by the Council of Municipal Court Judges will be followed, which will include all rules above as well as, but not limited to, temperature checks for all persons before entering the building.

 In addition, large public events will not be permitted in the Town of Braselton until July 10. The annual Fourth of July fireworks event hosted annually by the Braselton Visitors Bureau Authority is rescheduled for Sept. 5, 2020. Looking at photos from early in the 2019 4th of July festival event convinced the Town Manager, who also serves as Chair of the Braselton Visitors Bureau Authority, that social distancing would be impossible to accomplish. Neighborhoods are encouraged to organize bicycle and golf cart parades to celebrate on July 4.

 “It was with great sadness that we postponed Braselton’s annual fireworks display. However, like several other cities in the Gwinnett Municipal Association, we decided that hosting 10,000 plus people for this event is a risk to public health,” Town Manager Jennifer Scott said.