March 9, 2011 Mayor Statement on Covid-19

I want to thank everyone in our town for their efforts to help with this healthcare crisis by adhering to the requests by your Town elected officials, County elected officials, Governor, and Federal government to practice 6ft or more social distancing and eliminating unnecessary travel. We have all been impacted by the crisis, some have been impacted severely. It is my hope that everything can return to a more normal status soon.

The latest estimates I’ve heard in the daily briefings is that the Georgia peak will come sometime mid to late April.

I and your Council know that this is a very difficult time for you, your family and your business.

Be assured that your Town Council is listening to all the information available at the State and Federal levels as well as attending online briefings by local health officials. We are keeping very close to this crisis and we will continue to do so. We will update everyone on our website,, when there is a change in the current status quo.

As a side note, my neighbor has self-isolated now for over 2 weeks with his wife as an extra precaution. He now says that he is the best Gin Rummy player in all of Braselton. I am thinking of challenging him online to prove it.

Thank you for your efforts and sacrifices. Together, we can defeat this virus and the severe economic impact it has brought with it. We need to social distance 6ft+, limit travel, be careful about containing coughs, self- isolate if necessary, wash hands, and check your temperature daily. Any spike in temperature is a concern. So, don’t wait to isolate yourself quickly. If it is a false alarm, it is easier to undo self-isolation than it is to endure even one incident of Covid-19.

God Bless and stay safe...

 Bill Orr, Mayor of Braselton