Tourism team presents findings to Braselton officials

A distinguished panel of tourism professionals presented its findings to the Town Council and manager, key staff and visitors last week.

 The town’s Visitors Bureau and Downtown Development office hosted the panel, the Tourism Product Development Resource Team (TPDRT) which offered some high compliments to the town’s annual plan of work and some compelling opportunities and suggestions to enhance the plan in the future.

 In August, the team visited 28 sites with a goal of steering more tourism opportunities into Town including the historic downtown, creating tourism-related partnerships, building upon successes and creating new and unique opportunities.

 Cindy Eidson, leader of Tourism Product Development of the Georgia  Department of Economic Development, said “We saw abundant success, and we note opportunities to advance the success.”

 The team’s 92-page comprehensive report offers multi-year conclusions for study and implementation, focusing on “connect people to place with experiences that improve quality of life and differentiate you from the next town and thus expand your tourism program.  Place matters now.”

 Town manager, Jennifer Scott, said “The report is extremely informative, deserving our thorough study and wide conversations.  It’s exciting to realize the opportunities for our future from the eyes of professionals like these.”