Find out if I live or work in Braselton

Do I live or work in the Braselton Town Limits?  Also known as I have Postal Confusion

Braselton is one town with 4 zip codes in 4 counties.  And when we say 4 zip codes, we don’t mean just four different numbers tacked on to the end of a mailing address. Or that each of the four counties uses a different zip code.  On one end of town mail is addressed to Braselton at 30517 but on the other end, those folks are using a Flowery Branch or even Buford mailing address, yet they are all within the town limits of Braselton.  Some even have a Hoschton address.  Is it any wonder there is a little bit of postal confusion going on in Braselton?  

It would make sense that if the mail you receive says Braselton, you might very well believe you live in Braselton.  But in reality, we can’t use the ZIP code to determine whether you live within the Town’s limits.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Braselton isn’t alone in this ZIP coding quandary.  Turns out lots of communities suffer from the havoc caused when ZIP codes and boundaries don’t match up. The present day ZIP code system created boundaries in the early 1960s with the intent to streamline mail delivery and nothing more.  So, as it turns out ZIP codes generally do not correspond to a city’s borders, leaving many folks very confused as to where they really live - especially newcomers to the area. 

While we embrace the entire community that includes not only Braselton but everything near to us, you do have to live in Braselton to vote in our town elections.  And, your business has to be located in Braselton town limits and licensed by the Town for you to participate in our Buy Local program.

The map online is pretty accurate so you can check your location on here. If it’s within the colored boundary, you’re in town.  But as always, if you want more information on this or anything, give us a call or send us an email!