Braselton Planning Commission Items

Applications for Items on the 4/22/19 Agenda
19-01-CU Application
19-01-CU Site Improvement Exhibits
19-01-CU Location Maps
19-01-RZ Application
19-01-RZ Location Maps

Applications for Items on the 2/25/19 Agenda
18-11-RZ Revised Site Plan 1 (2/20/19)
18-11-RZ Revised Site Plan 2 (2/20/19)
18-11-RZ Application
18-11-RZ Site Plan
18-11-RZ Narrative
18-11-RZ Architectural Renderings
18-11-RZ Traffic Study
18-06-VAR Application (attached to 18-11-RZ)
18-06-VAR Site Plan (attached to 18-11-RZ)
18-11-RZ Analysis and Recommendation
18-06-VAR Analysis and Recommendation

2019 Meetings

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