Braselton Commissions, Agency and Authority members

Planning Commission 
Allan Slovin - At large 
Stephanie Braselton Williams - District 1 
Ron Patton - District 2 
Tony Price - District 3
Keith Kloiber - District 4

Zoning Board of Appeals 
Dale R. Shapiro - At large
Gary Johnson  - District 1
Robin Wyatt- District  2
Elmer Hopper - District 3  
Matt Kicklighter - District 4

Braselton Visitors Bureau Authority
Jennifer Scott - Chair
Peggy Slappey
Caryn McGarity
Neville Erasmus

Braselton Public Facilities Authority
Todd Levi - Chair
Larry Monroe
Andres Rubio
Elaine Still

Braselton Downtown Development Authority
Hollie Ansley - Chair
Rhonda Stites - Vice Chair
Cheri Winham Huff - Secretary
Cindy Green - Treasurer
Tracy Brandenburg
Mitch Chapman
Lyn Rooks

Braselton Urban Redevelopment Agency
Indria Bashley
Donna Johnson

Braselton Ethics Commission
Dennis Still - At large
Brian Johnson  - District 1
Phil Wiley- District  2
Russell T. Smith - District 3  
Leroy Bashley - District 4