Municipal Court

Judge Graham McKinnon
Graham McKinnon IV

Associate Judge Jennifer White
Associate Judge
Jennifer White

We have staggered court times based on last name.  This is not to inconvenience you, but to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to handle their judicial matter safely and efficiently.

 Below are the court times based on last name:

A-D 1:00 pm

E-I 1:30 pm

J-N 2:00 pm

O-S 2:30 pm

T-Z 3:00 pm

We ask that if you are sick, please do not come to court.  Please call our office ahead of time for a one time reset of your case.  In addition, if you are over 60 years of age and are not comfortable coming to court, please call our office for one courtesy reset.

We have the following payment options available:

            -Money order by mail

            -Credit/debit card by phone 855-907-3330

            -Credit/debit card online at

We look forward to serving you.

PayTicket-ONLINEMunicipal Court Procedures

After a traffic citation or city ordinance violation citation is issued, you may call to find out the cost of the citation at 706-654-5553 Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please allow 3 business days before inquiring. 

Please note, no  personal checks will be accepted for payment of fines.
Municipal Court staff

Contact Information:
5040 Highway 53
P. O. Box 306
Braselton, GA 30517

If a court appearance is not required, the citation can be mailed in or paid at the Braselton Police and Municipal Court facility. Please note, no personal checks are accepted for payment of fines.

If a court appearance is required, the citation is added to the court calendar for the appropriate date for arraignment.

At your scheduled court date, also known as the arraignment, you will be required to enter a plea of Guilty, Not Guilty, or Nolo Contendere.

If you plead Guilty, or Nolo Contendere, you will be waving any rights to:

  • A trial by judge or jury
  • A presumption of innocence
  • Confront witnesses
  • Testify and offer evidence
  • A right to counsel
  • The right against self-incrimination
  • If the Judge accepts the Guilty or Nolo Contendere plea, you will be sentenced and case will be disposed of.
  • If you plea Not Guilty, you will be asked to choose either a bench trial (which will be held here at the Municipal Court facility by our Judge, at a future date), or a Trial by Jury (which will be transferred to State Court and the trial will be scheduled for a later date).
  • You have the right to request a pre-trial conference with the prosecutor to discuss charges against you. This conference will be held on your court date before the judge takes the bench.
  • If you are to be placed on probation, you will meet with a probation officer before you are excused from court.
  • Failure to appear on your scheduled court date will be subject to either a Bench Warrant being issued or a suspension of your license.
  • The disposition of your case will be transmitted to the appropriate agency, such as the Department of Drivers Services.
  • If by good cause you can not appear for your scheduled court date, a one time continuance can be granted. Please call at least 1 business day before your court date to discuss this.

No cell phones are allowed in the courtroom. Also, no food or drinks are allowed.

If you are placed on probation and have a question please call Professional Probation Services 770-868-1103

Court Officials and Staff

Municipal Court ClerkDawn Farris Court Clerk
Dawn Farris

Court Officials
Municipal Court Solicitor
Elizabeth Reisner

Alternate Solicitors:
Karen West
Bridget Scanlin

Naikiya Collins - Probation