Code of Ordinances

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Braselton  Charter
Development Code
Code of Ordinances – Updated through February 2013
Water and Sewer Ordinance - Revision June 2018
Ordinances adopted not yet incorporated in Code of Ordinances 
Corkage & Growler Ordinance - Effective 2/17/2014
Litter Control Ordinance - Effective 7/14/15
ROW Utility Permit Ordinance - Effective 6/13/2016
Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance - Effective 6/13/2016
Traffic Control Ordinance - Effective 5/8/2017
Ethics Ordinance - Effective 4/9/2018
Massage Establishment Ordinance- Effective 5/13/2019
Alcoholic Beverages Amendment (Growlers) - Effective 12/10/18
Alcoholic Beverages Amendment (Sunday Sales) - Effective 11/12/18
Tattoo Establishment Ordinance Amendment (Microblading) - Effective 2/11/2019 
Alcoholic Beverages Amendment-Alcohol Infused Frozen Consumables-Effective 4/8/2019
Policy for Competitive Negotiation Qualifications Based Selection for Projects Using Federal Aid Highway Program (FAHP) Funding- Effective 8/12/2019
Wireless Facilities and Antennas (Small Cell) Ordinance  - Effective 8/12/2019