Braselton does not collect ad valorem property taxes.  The Town's millage rate is zero.

There is a Community Improvement District in town that assesses their own taxes.  Check the map if you are wondering if the property you are researching is in the district.

Business Licences/Occupational taxes
Applications for new business licenses are available at the Braselton Planning & Public Works building or can be downloaded and printed from the link below. The application must be completed in its entirety. You may pay at the time of submittal, or you will be billed. The license will be mailed to you after all processing has been completed. This typically takes two working days. No business may operate until the license has been received and it is displayed in the place of business. 

Please download our brochure for more information.

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Having a Braselton Business License means you get to participate in our Buy Local Braselton program!  Make the most of this opportunity and learn all about the program and get involved!  2019 Information here.

(The file below is in .pdf format. If you do not have a .pdf format reader click here to download free reader.) 

Business/Occupational License Application 

The tax is determined by the number of employees. The following is the rate schedule for the number of employees.  

# of Employees License Fee
0-2 $70
3-6 $100
7-10 $130
11-20 $160 + $5 each over 11
21-50 $275 + $4 each over 21
51-100 $400 + $3.50 each over 51
101-200 $600 + $3.50 each over 101
201-300 $900 + $3.50 each over 201
301-400 $1250 + $3.50 each over 301
401 & up $1500 + $3.50 each over 401
Admin Fee $15

If you have any questions, please call the Braselton Planning & Development, 706-654-3915, ext. 1017.

Alcoholic Beverage License

Alcoholic Beverage License application and background check forms: 
Fees: Break down of fees is in the application.
2019 Alcoholic Beverage License Application
Alcoholic Beverage License Background Check Information
Application for a Special Event Permit
Application for an Annual Caterers License
Application for a Caterers Event Permit

Other Applications
Massage Establishment License Application
Massage License Background Check Consent Form
Tattoo Establishment Permit Application
Pawnbroker Annual Permit

Parade Permit Application
Peddler License

Tax Remittance Forms
Hotel/Motel Tax Remittance Form
Per Drink Excise Tax Form

Have Questions?
Contact Glenda McDonald at or at 706-654-3915 ext. 1017.